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What Are Some Different Procedures For Head Lice Treatment?

Different_Procedures_For_Head_LiceSearch for head lice treatment in Pasadena or Los Angeles and you’ll find hundreds of products and home remedies that guarantee results. The problem is that most of them don’t work. At The Hair Angels we don’t rely on gimmicks or products, but a comprehensive treatment method that involves a thorough comb-through of your child’s hair. Here are some of the procedures available for head lice treatment and how to avoid the ones that won’t work.

Pesticide-Based Shampoos That Won’t Work

Nix and Rid are the most recognizable brands on the lice-removal market. With heavy investment in advertisement, these products have become established market leaders despite being relatively ineffective. What surprises most parents is that Rid and Nix:

  • Base their formula on a pesticide that can be harmful to children.
  • Recommend the same treatment as The Hair Angels, but add an unnecessary step of shampooing with a pesticide-based formula.
  • Advertise their shampoo as lice-killing but strand-by-strand lice removal (Shepherd method) is much more effective.

The only effective way to remove lice and nits is by thoroughly combing through your child’s hair because lice eggs are immune to shampooing, even ones that have a known pesticide as the main ingredient.

Home Treatments That Won’t Work

Home treatments range from benign kitchen staples such as mayonnaise and olive oil to dangerous, flammable remedies such as kerosene and gasoline. Believe it or not, some of these methods are still practiced as effective home remedies despite how dangerous and fruitless they are.

Head Lice Procedures That Do Work

Head lice are persistent, and it’s challenging to combat them in any way other than methodically combing through your child’s hair one strand at a time. While hair products that contain mint can prevent more lice from getting onto your child’s scalp, there is no effective treatment to get rid of the lice and nits already present other than picking them out with a special comb.

Comprehensive Procedures for Head Lice Treatment

The Hair Angels believes that by combining effective procedures for head lice removal is the only way to guarantee success. In fact, we offer a guarantee for families who follow our instructions after coming to our Pasadena salon or requesting in-home treatment. During a follow-up appointment you will be 100% lice-free or we offer a full refund.

If your kids have lice, go with a treatment that works, contact The Hair Angels’ Pasadena salon at 626-577-2118 or Santa Monica 424-832-3876

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