Our clients love The Angels!

“Michelle is not just a Hair Angel, she is an angel! My daughter got lice a week before she was supposed to be a flower girl in my sister’s wedding. I thought we would have to back out of one of the most important days for our family. The Hair Angels saved the day! We all made it to the wedding and had a wonderful time, thanks to the immediate, professional and thorough job they did.”

Jill, Costa Mesa, Ca.

“As a working mom with three children, I was devastated when our school called to say my kids needed to be picked up from school for head lice. I was at my wits’ end! I needed help, so I called The Hair Angels and they arrived a short time later. They were so friendly and quickly put me and my children at ease. They were professional and efficient. They truly saved the day!”

Kathy, Pasadena, Ca.

“I never thought I would have to deal with lice, so when my son got it, I panicked! A friend told me about The Hair Angels. I called them and they scheduled an appointment immediately. Hilary was so sweet and gentle with my son and, most importantly, she got rid of the lice!”

Kim, San Marino, Ca.

The Hair Angels are truly a godsend! We were faced with our first ever case of the “L word” and I was an emotional wreck. Within two hours of my desperate phone call, Hilary was at our home taking care of the problem. She patiently combed through my daughter’s hair and gave us a thorough explanation of what we needed to do to ensure a clean bill of health. She was professional, knowledgeable, and, most importantly, compassionate! She checked the whole family and even came back a few days later to make sure we were bug-free! Thank heaven for The Hair Angels!!

Marina, Altadena, Ca.

I really cannot even begin to thank you!!! I am not sure if you understand how truly grateful I am. Your knowledge and kindness are overwhelming and much appreciated. You have the power to really help families in great need… I didn’t even know where to begin and you definitely soared me to a new height of knowledge. Hair Angels is an understatement… Thank you again!!!!!

Megan L., Walnut Creek, Ca.

The Hair Angels were a lifesaver! We had tried everything else and we were desperate. The staff was professional, caring, and very knowledgeable. Also great with both kids and adults! I would highly recommend The Hair Angels to anyone who is struggling with this difficult problem.

Molly L., Arcadia, Ca.

I am so grateful to have found The Hair Angels. When my boys were sent home from school, I flipped. I had no idea where to begin! Your service was fantastic. You gave me so much valuable information and completely set me at ease. I have been telling everyone about your company – you are the best!!! Thank you.

Ann S., San Diego, Ca.

Hello Michelle, I wanted to thank you again for going out of your way to help our family when we were desperate. You went out of your way to help accommodate us. My heartfelt gratitude to you. I fully endorse your business and will mention the above wonderful experience to all my friends. Again, thank you.

Suzy T., Sacramento, Ca.

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