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San Bernardino Sun
New School Year Brings Lice Outbreak in Southern California

By Jim Steinberg, San Bernardino Sun

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Pasadena Salon Specializes in Lice Removal

Hair Angels will remove lice within hours of diagnosis without the use of harsh chemicals.

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a hair angel
Lice by selfie? Maybe. But Pasadena's Hair Angels can help

“Lice removal salon” may summon images of sterile, white walls and face masks, but Hair Angels takes a different tack: the walls are bright blue, the salon chairs a…

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Head lice don’t take summer off

By Lisa O’Neill Hill, Special to CNN

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Pasadena Outlook
The Hair Angels in the Pasadena Outlook

“The Hair Angels: Nit-Picking on Lice” by Peter Day

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Finnish Newspaper Reveals The Hair Angels to Foreign Market

“Metal Comb the Best Weapon Against Head Lice” by Tomi Hinkkanen

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It’s a problem that is usually stigmatized, but having your kids come home from school with lice is not uncommon.

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