Treating Your Home

Remember, lice live on your head not in your home!

Remain Calm

The Internet and other websites are filled with misinformation regarding this subject, some of which puts many people into panic mode. It’s true – you will need to do some cleaning, but the most important thing to remember is that lice live on your head, not in your home!

Basic Facts

Keep in mind lice are parasites that need blood to survive. They can’t survive for more than 24 hours without food. Lice eggs can’t hatch off of your head, and they can’t reattach. For this reason, sterilizing your entire home is unnecessary.

So, with that in mind, this is the cleaning we recommend:

All bed linens & clothing worn in the last 24 hours, only by those who are infected. Wash everything in warm water and dry on high heat for at least 20 minutes. If you are professionally treated this needs to be done only once.

Items which can’t be washed can be isolated for 24 hours, or until your home is lice-free.

Feel free to vacuum rugs, couches, and car seats. After vacuuming your couch, place a sheet over it. Now you can wash the sheet every day instead of vacuuming all of those crevices! Vacuum every day until your home is lice-free.

Brushes & Hair Accessories
Brushes and combs may be soaked in rubbing alcohol for 20 minutes, boiled (which will likely destroy them), or placed in a zip lock bag, in the freezer, overnight. They do not need to be thrown away!

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