5 Signs Your Child Has Lice

liceThey’re creepy. They’re crawly. And they’re in your child’s hair! Lice are the last thing that parents want to see when combing through their child’s hair. But they are an unfortunate fact of life. Especially for kids in grade school and even in high school.

The problem is that by the time most parents realize that their children have lice; it’s already too late. The whole family and house are infested!

Catching lice before they spread is one of the ways that you can control the level of damage they cause. By recognizing these five signs, you’ll be able to spot lice and call for local Los Angeles lice removal immediately.

1.    Feel of Something Crawling

If your child says that he or she feels something crawling in their hair, this can be an early sign of lice. Because the initial reaction to lice is not allergic, the symptom of itching usually doesn’t start until the lice are more established.

2.    Trouble Sleeping

The sensation of something moving around on your child’s head might be bad enough to cause them to lose sleep. Though not painful, your kids may toss and turn from the uncomfortable feeling that something is on their head. The is where the term, “A lousy” nights sleep” came from. Look for signs that your child is having trouble sleeping and ask them about it, or better while they are sleeping take a peak at their head with a flashlight and look to find these little critters.

3.    Itching

It may seem obvious, but if your child is itching his or her head more than usual, then the lice have probably been there for a while. When lice bite people, they cause an itchy allergic reaction. The problem is that your child can go up to six weeks without experiencing this symptom. But remember, only 50% of people have this allergic reaction that makes them itch, the other 50% do not itch. Hence, why this is a good idea to do lice screenings on your child’s head twice a month.

That’s long enough for lice to spread throughout your house, to the rest of your family, and your friends.

4.    Small White Dots

These are nits or lice eggs. They are a sign that the lice have been in your child’s hair for a while. Nits are notoriously difficult to remove with a brush and require thorough removal by a local Los Angeles professional or The Hair Angels to get rid of all the eggs.

5.    Scabs from Scratching

Some parents don’t notice lice until their children scratch themselves nearly raw. Many kids can get embarrassed about this and may try to hide their problem. If you suspect that your child has lice, the best thing to do is check their scalp and see if they have one, or more, of the symptoms.

If your child has lice and needs immediate treatment, call The Hair Angels Santa Monica salon at 424-832-3876 or The Hair Angels Pasadena 626-577-2118 for expert care of the removal of lice in ones head.